Hodlcoin Faucet

Thanks you!

The success of this project depends largely on the contributions of the community. If you meet me on telegram or discord I will be happy to take notes of your suggestions and improvements.

Its always fun to receive contribution and keep the site ads free. If you like what Iam doing you can send me some Hodl at the following address HPFRAfKrp5up6hQcZDTE7mXhhqENNtKYkE

Thank you in Advance! -- Dwildcash


The easiest way to contribute is to send Hodl directly to this Address: HCzMf7HegHsbFeKfdRqiAUBy3U7Ca8eq9F

You can also do mining on Suprnova pool using the following configuration:

  • Miners download
  • STRATUM: stratum+tcp://hodl.suprnova.cc
  • PORT: 4693
  • Username: tmbiogen.dwildcash
  • Password: x
  • hodlminer.exe -o -stratum+tcp://hodl.suprnova.cc:4693 -u tmbiogen.dwildcash -p x

Special Thanks

SFL for the VM to host this site

ECTopy for Hodl Contribution!

DanX Motivate me for writing this faucet!

Igor and Carloz and all other Miners!

Freetrade For creating this great Coin!

Community from Telegram and Discord.. big Thanks!